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Thanks for visiting my website, Double Duty Moms.

My name is Kathy Lesko and I have been a working Mom most of my adult life. When I decided to create a website, it was only natural for me to write about the most important part of my life, being a Mom. In my case, being a working Mom.

Raising kids isn't always easy, and holding a full-time job at the same time can be challenging. Many of the women that I worked with over the years were going through the same problems, their support and suggestions were always helpful.

I used to feel guilty, and at times wished I could quit working and stay home full time. Of course, the media and general public didn't help much and even now there are some people who look down on working mothers.

Every family has to decide what works best for them.
What works for one family may not work for another family. You have to make your own decisions for your family and your life.

I can look back on my life and feel proud that my husband and I have raised two great kids. They both have always known that we've had their best interests in mind and heart.

I hope you enjoy this website, it is about everything working Moms (and their families) want and need to make their lives better.

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