Is there an After School Activities Program available in your area?

What should you do if your children are bored after school? Do you know of after school activities in your area?

Most places have after school sports, but if you are working full-time that probably won't be possible.

Once your children reach a certain age they may be a little too old for a babysitter, and a little too young to be home alone. An after school program could be just right for them.

Ask around to find programs in your area
Call your child's school to find out if they have an after school program, or if they know of one.

Ask your child's daycare provider if they know of any programs in the area. Maybe they are planning on starting one there.
Check with other parents at work or in the neighborhood. They may know of a program or of a daycare provider or daycare center that also has an after school program.

Check out any programs you are considering
If you do find one in your area, make sure you get references from other parents. Set up an appointment to visit and make sure you ask questions.

Things you should ask:

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What hours are they open?

  • What activities do they have there?

  • Do they provide transportation from your child's school?

  • Will they provide snacks?

  • How many adults are there to supervise?

  • Ask for several references.

There may be other questions that you'll need to ask for your specific needs.

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