Career Planning will help
you stay employed

Your primary objective should be to protect your job.
Career planning is the best way to stay employed.

  • Make sure you are dressed appropriately,
    and that your clothes are neat (not wrinkled or torn) and clean.

  • Arrive a few minutes early.

  • If you have questions about your work, don't second
    guess your boss, ask questions.

  • Be easy to work with

  • Don't complain or gossip about co-workers or managers.

  • Try to avoid talking about religion, sex, race,
    salaries (yours or other employees).

    Exceed expectations

  • Be more efficient with your own work, and look for ways to do more.

  • Find ways to keep expenses down.

  • If you have special skills, find ways to share your knowledge.

    Plan for the future

  • Start an emergency fund, in case you get laid off or lose your job.

  • Update your resume.

  • Form a support network by joining a professional organization.

  • Learn new skills at work, whenever possible.

  • Consider updating or continuing your education.

Working Moms Benefit from Education Funding

Author: Marlon Jackson
Moms who have been working several jobs to make ends meet might be able to get a reprieve through education funding that has been freed up by the government. President Barack Obama has set aside money for mothers who want to further their education and get a better job to support their families. The money does not have to be paid back, so this is like a dream come true for struggling, working mothers.

Being a mom is hard enough work, but having to support children by going to other jobs makes life a day-to-day struggle, especially when the jobs do not pay well. Going back to school can help in this regard because the income will be higher, and she will most likely just have to work one job so there will be more time to spend at home with the family.

If awarded a scholarship grant, all of the education expenses will be taken care of. Obama wants to see these women going back to school so they can live a better lifestyle and take better care of their children. Moms might shy away from this opportunity because of the time that will be lost in the degree-earning process, but online programs are available, and are convenient to women with busy schedules. If she can give up two to three hours to the program, she should succeed in earning a college degree. She then will become a top candidate for better-paying jobs and the quality of life will definitely improve.

Not only will this opportunity make the mother more confident, but the child will admire her. When it comes time to decide what to do after high school, that child will look back at what mom did and most likely choose more education because of the great life it leads to.

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Article Source: - Working Moms Benefit from Education Funding

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