Make your childcare choice carefully

Childcare is the most important decision you'll
ever need to make as a working mom.

The person who takes care of your children while you are at work will be
spending a lot of time with your kids, make sure that you find the
best person for the job.

  • If you work with other moms;
    Ask them if they know of a good babysitter or childcare center.

  • Ask other moms in your neighborhood, at school, or even at the bus stop for their recommendations.

  • When someone does make a recommendation;
    Ask them what they liked or disliked about that person and would they take their own child there again?

  • If their child is currently going to the person they recommend;
    get more information about the caregiver.

Call first
Call perspective caregivers and ask questions, before you visit.

Asking a few questions over the phone will probably save time, by eliminating any places that won't work for you and your children.

  1. What hours are they open?

  2. Do they have any openings?

  3. Do they have a daycare license?

Visit before you make your decision
Only visit the places that can provide what your child needs.

When you visit any perspective caregivers, this list will be helpful to make sure that you haven't missed important considerations.

  • Is the daycare center or home safe and clean?

  • Are the people there friendly?

  • How long have they been running the childcare center or home?

  • How many meals will they provide?

  • Will they provide transportation to and from school?

  • How do they discipline the children?

  • How many children are in their care and what are their ages?

  • Do they have anyone who can fill in when the main caregiver gets sick, or goes on vacation?

  • Do they provide care during the days and hours you will need them?

  • Are they available if you need to work overtime?

  • Ask for several references.

After your visit, review your notes, consider who would be the best caregiver for your child.

  • Do they seem overwhelmed?

  • Or do they seem able to handle the children they already care for without any obvious problems?

  • Do they like working with kids?

  • Are they patient and caring with the children?

Call the references and ask for their opinion of the person and the daycare center.

Are your kids old enough to be home alone?

Is there an After School Activities Program in your area?

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