Teach Your Child Internet Safety

Take the time to teach your child internet safety,
it will be time well spent.

Online rules for your child's internet safety;
  • Don't ever give out your password, except to responsible family members.

  • Do not open files or e-mails from people that you don't know.

  • Never e-mail a picture of yourself to strangers.

  • Don't give out personal information; such as your last name, where you live or go to school, and your phone number.

  • If someone sends you a mail message, pictures, or anything that makes you uncomfortable, tell your parents about it.

  • No matter how curious you are about a person you have met online,
    never agree to meet them in person, especially alone.

  • Don't buy things online, without your parents' permission.

  • Follow your parents' online rules, they are meant to keep you safe.

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