Chores for Kids

Give your kids chores to do around the house. Get them in the habit of helping when they are young.

At first you'll probably think it would be easier to do it yourself. Be patient as they learn, you'll be thankful when they can really help. Not only will they be helping you, but they will also be learning.

Small jobs, such as setting the table, helping put the groceries away, and folding towels can be done by kids as young as three years old.

Then around five years old, they can help take care of the pets, help sort and put laundry away, make their beds, and help with the yard work.

Around eight or nine years old, they can sweep and vacuum, help out in the kitchen, wash dishes, wash the car, run the clothes washer and dryer, and fill up the dishwasher.

Teenagers can help take care of the younger kids for an hour or two while you do the grocery shopping. Show them how to use the lawnmower and mow the grass. Get them to help with other yard work too. Teach them how to cook, start cooking easy meals with them and showing them how to follow recipes.

Allowing your kids to help around the house will make them feel more capable and confident too. When they leave home for college or their first job, you'll know that they can take care of themselves.

Of course, always let them know how much you appreciate their help. You might even consider giving them an allowance based on the work they do around the house.

Note: Don't be surprised if one day their spouse or significant other, thanks you for showing your kids how to do housework.

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