Declutter your home

Decide on the area that you would like to declutter first. It could be an entire room or maybe just a counter top for now. Then follow these steps on how to declutter and soon your home will look great!

Plan on spending thirty to sixty minutes to declutter each day, until you have this room or area cleaned up. Get three empty boxes; one for trash, one for donations/charity, and one for things you plan to keep.

You might want a fourth box for items that you can't make a decision on yet. Close up the box when it is full, then date it to be opened in six months. If you haven't needed anything in this box within six months, then most likely you don't need those items and can get rid of the whole box.

Ask yourself these questions as you sort through the items;

  • When was the last time that I used this? or have I ever used it?

  • If it is food or medicine, is it past the expiration date?

  • Clothing that you'll never wear again can be given away,
    or thrown away if torn or in bad shape.

  • Was it a gift that you really don't use, like or need anymore?

  • Does the item have sentimental value?
    Find a special place to display it or start using it.

  • If it is not yours, set it aside and ask the owner if they want it anymore.

When your time is up;
Take the box with things to be kept and put everything away now.
That way you won't be sorting through it again.

Empty the box with trash in it.

If the box for charity is full, put it in the car to drop off there the next time you are in that area.

Go through these same steps, everyday or almost every day, and you will be surprised how quickly you'll see results.

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