Does your employer have a dress code?

If the company you work for does not have a dress code, then you need to use common sense to make the right impression on the job.

A lot of companies will say they expect their employees to dress casually, to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical.

Not all casual clothes are appropriate for work, you still want to look professional.

Don't wear the same outfit to work that you would wear for yard work, working out, or going to the beach. There are still many workplaces that do not want their employees to wear bluejeans.

Be careful that what you wear is not too revealing, don't show too much skin.

You should always dress neatly, wear clean, unwrinkled clothes without any tears. Have clean, polished shoes and a neat hairstyle.

Excessive body piercing and tattoos are not appropriate either, especially if you deal with the public.

If your supervisor or any manager has made comments about your appearance, find out what you need to change and then make a point of changing it right away.

You certainly don't want to be sent home to change your clothes, or told to put a sweater on to cover up.

Other employees may be mistaken about what is proper dress and appearance, so ask your supervisor if you have any questions.

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