Find Balance in your
Work and Family Life

Here are some helpful tips to find balance and make
your days (and nights) easier.

Sometimes I wonder how other working moms handle everything.
To find balance in your life, you need to think about what you want
and need to make your life better.

Stay focused
Focus on one thing at a time. Wherever you are, home or work, keep your focus there too.

Your family should always come first
But you still need to be at work on time and get the job done. Unless there is an emergency, or planned time off, make sure you meet your boss' expectations.

On the Job
Find out what will be expected of you when you apply and interview for a new job.

  • What hours and days you will be working?

  • Will you have to work overtime?

  • Will you have to travel?
    If so, how will that work out at home when you are gone?

Make sure you find the job that will work for you and your family.

When you have made family plans after work, do your best to keep them. If your boss asks you to work late and you have plans already, ask him if it can wait until tomorrow.

There will probably be times when you need to work late, make sure you have a backup plan for childcare to cover these unexpected times.

Ways to improve your listening skills, and be more productive.

Your Home Life
At home, make sure you give your family the attention they need and deserve.

When the kids are little, play games with them, read to them and be with them whenever you can.

As they grow up, find things that you can do together, hiking, swimming, biking and other activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Make plans for the weekend and holidays, and enjoy every minute of it.

Help your kids plan their schedules.

Hobbies for women

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