Household Tips

Here are a few household tips to help make your life a little easier.

Clean up after yourself
As you are cooking, wipe up spills, rinse and clean pots as soon as you empty them, wipe off the counter tops.

After the meal, rinse the dishes and put in the dishwasher right away. Don't let them sit overnight, that will just make it harder to clean them. Once you get in the habit of cleaning up after each meal, you will love having a cleaner kitchen.

Easy household tips to help handle the laundry
When you are doing laundry, take a sock or washcloth and wipe the washer and dryer off, then throw it in with the wash. Your appliances will stay dust and dirt free.

Every time you do laundry, sort and fold it, and put it away. Get out of the habit of leaving it sit in the dryer, or even worse, the washer overnight. If you do leave clothes in the washer overnight, you should wash them again because they will smell musty.

Get the kids to help with the laundry while you are all watching television. Then you can help each of them put their clothes away before they go to bed.

Hang most of the clothes on hangers, its quicker than folding and easier too. If you hang them up as you take them out of the dryer, they will be a lot less wrinkled. This will also save time by not having to iron them.

Have a hamper in each bathroom or bedroom, teach your children to put all their dirty clothes in the hamper, not on the floor. Use the kind with two or three bins, so they will already be sorted when you are ready to do laundry.

Keep your floors clean
Get everyone in your family (and your guests) to take their shoes off at the door. It will help keep your floors clean and the flooring will last longer too.

Have a throw rug handy at each entryway, inside and outside, to cut down on dirt being tracked into the house.

Maybe your family can enter the house through the garage, have a place set up for their coats, shoes and boots. This will keep out some of the clutter and dirt.

Before you go to bed, pick up around the house
If you are done with the newspaper, throw it away. Working on a sewing project, finish up and put your supplies away. Put books and magazines away too.

All of these household tips are easy to do, you will have to change a few habits, but it will be worth your effort to have a neater and cleaner house.

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