Money Saving Ideas

Everyone could use a little help these days saving money,
try a few of these money saving ideas.

  • Save on late fees by paying all of your bills on time.

  • Return library books and dvd rentals on time.

  • Use a debit card or cash for all of your purchases.

  • Make a list before you go shopping.

  • Check your cupboards before you go grocery shopping.
    Use what you have on-hand before buying more food.

  • Before you replace a broken or torn item, can you fix it?
    Or could someone else fix it for you?

  • Are you paying bank fees for using the ATM machine?
    It may only be $1 or $2 but it does add up over time.

  • When was the last time you checked your auto insurance rates?
    You could find a lower rate and save money every month.

  • Save money on clothes by shopping at the thrift store.
    Sometimes you can find brand new items for alot less.

  • Don't go out to lunch every day,
    pack your lunch and save time and money.

  • Go to the library more often,
    instead of buying books you can borrow them.

  • When you file your taxes this year, fill out the short
    and long form and compare. You may save money by itemizing.

  • Start using cold water when doing laundry,
    you'll save money on the utility costs.

  • Cook more often at home, eating out can really add up.

  • Create a budget and track your spending.

  • Refinance your mortgage. If you rent, find a less expensive place.

  • Consolidate your debt. Talk to your bank, they may be able to consolidate several payments and lower monthly payments.

  • Stop impulse buying, make a list of what you need
    and don't buy extras.

  • Start carpooling, maybe people that you work with would like to carpool with you to save money on gas.

  • Stop bad habits, like smoking. Is it really worth it?

  • For nights out together, find other parents and take
    turns watching the kids. You'll save money on babysitters.

  • One of the best tips on saving money;
    Stop buying everything new.
    Check the garage sales, search online for used items first.
    If you have to buy something new,
    search for the best price before you buy.

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