Keep your kids entertained
on long road trips

Planning to take any long road trips for your vacation this year? Here are a few tips to make the drive more enjoyable for the whole family.

Allow enough time to stop often
Plan to stop often, maybe every two hours or so, to give the kids a chance to stretch and walk around a bit, and for bathroom breaks.

Maybe there is a park or playground area on the way. Or if the weather is bad, stop at McDonald's for lunch and give the kids some time in the play area there.

Things to take that will help entertain the kids on your next road trip

  • Travel board games
  • Backpack with books, coloring books and crayons, for each child.
  • Disposable camera for the kids to use to take pictures of whatever they want, then they can make a scrapbook at home.
  • Plain postcards, the kids can draw on and then mail to family and friends.
  • Activity books with word games, puzzles, mazes etc.
  • Audiobooks with cd player
  • Hand held electronic game player (Gameboy)
  • DVD player with movies
  • Some healthy snacks
  • Small cooler with drinks

Games for the whole family to play in the car
Classic games that you can play in the car are fun, and easy to get everyone involved.

License Plate Game
See who can spot the most license plates from different states. Write all the players names down, and have one person keep track. The winner gets a small prize or gets to start a new game.

Card Games
Old Maid, Crazy Eights, Go Fish and many others.

Counting Games
One person asks everyone to count an item, time it for ten or fifteen minutes, then whoever has counted the most of that item wins the game. Maybe count all the red cars or yellow cars, or all the trucks, or all of the campers.

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