Help your kids plan their schedules.

Everyone has busy schedules anymore, as your kids get older and become more active, you will probably be even busier. You need to be careful that they don't get too busy though, allow enough time for homework, chores, and just relaxing.

Keep things fair for all the kids.
If you have more than one child, the best way to keep things fair is to allow each child one activity at a time. Explain that they can choose one thing now and try something different the next school year, or the next season.

School work should come first.
Of course, if their schoolwork falls behind or they aren't listening, then they should not be allowed to participate in any extra activities.

It is a privilege for them, not a right. Let them earn these privileges, so they will appreciate them more.

Check at the school office for information.
If you are new in the area, check at your child's school for information on sports, scouts and other programs that are available.

Carpooling makes life easier.
Ask other parents who have kids in the same activities if they would like to carpool. Some parents would jump at the chance to share the driving, it would make their schedules easier too.

You and your husband can also take turns driving, that way one person isn't doing all the driving.

If you find that you need to drive them and wait for them, you will want to make the most of that time. Take a book along, or a laptop computer, update your checkbook, knit or just plan to take a short walk nearby.

Give them your undivided attention though, when they are playing in a game, concert, or other special event.

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