Importance of Time Management Skills

Almost everyone would like to manage their time better. Most of us are busy and learning time management skills can be very helpful.

If you have no idea of what you spend your time on, then you need to keep track for about a week. After that week, review your list and decide if everything you spend your time on is worthwhile. You may find that you are spending a lot more time on things that aren't important, or things that you don't even need to do after all.

Time Wasters;

  • Putting it off or being indecisive
  • Procrastinating
  • Poor planning or not planning at all
  • Crisis management
  • Poor organization
  • Allowing interruptions
  • Not delegating or allowing others to help

Time Savers;

  • Analyze the project and planning the outcome
  • Creating and using checklists
  • Concentrate on one task at a time
  • Setting up deadlines
  • Establishing priorities
  • Not wasting other people's time with lengthy meetings
  • Delegating whenever possible
  • Make sure that subordinates have complete instructions and know what you expect of them.
  • Allow time to review your progress

Most of these time saving tips can be used at home and work. Remember when you are home, that your family should be your top priority.

There are many advantages of learning time management, you will feel more in control of your life at home and at work.

You'll probably feel more confidant and be happier too.

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